Reindeer amigurumi – free crochet pattern

Do you know how female reindeer should be called? Before I have written this post, I had to do the research, because I wasn’t sure. The answer is not so obvious. Reindeers are members of the deer family. That’s why male is a bull and female a doe. Surprised? I was. Besides, there are 40 various species of the deer on Earth, but only the reindeer’s females have antlers.

By the way, I found out that female reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh. Why? Male reindeer actually cast their antlers before Christmas, so they don’t have any antlers at Christmastime. Female reindeer do not lose them until the end of winter or early spring. Hence the conclusion is simple – they appear in Santa’s team!

Reindeer in red dress

What will be needed?

  • Free crochet pattern designed by @kediperiatolyesi, copyright assigned to Links to pattern: strona,
  • Yarn, I used YarnArt Jeans in colors: dirty beige, white, black. Dress is made of Gazzal Baby Cotton in red color
  • Hook, size 2,5 mm
  • Safety eyes, size 7 mm
  • Fiberfill
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Reindeer – final effect

The reindeer is about 27 cm tall. Crocheting starts from legs and the whole body together with head is a one big piece of amigurumi toy. Crochet pattern is written in a very simple way and thanks to that I found it super easy.

Reindeer without a dress

Stunning element of the whole toy is a dress. It’s color in original pattern is yellow. I wanted to create Christmas outfit, hence I used a red yarn. The effect is amazing! This dress is really beautiful. This sweet reindeer in dress is a great idea for a gift for a little lady. The dress could be removable.

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