Crochet snowman as Christmas ornaments for the tree

Probably most of you are already thinking about the upcoming Christmas holiday and try to incorporate festive atmosphere to your home. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees will be surrounded us soon. If you are looking for Christmas decorations ideas, you’ve come to the right place 😊. In today’s post, I would like to present a small crochet snowman that will be perfect Christmas ornament for the tree. If you are looking for a small gift for a loved one, a snowman will also be great in this role, because it is approx. 8 cm tall.

What do you need?

  • Free crochet pattern from Rupinder kaur
  • YarnArt Jeans in colors: white, black (for eyes and buttons), orange (for carrot as a nose) and some yarn in color of your choice for pom-pom hat and scarf
  • 2 mm hook or smaller
  • Scissors
  • Row maker
  • Fiberfill

Free crochet pattern for tiny snowman

Head and body

Snowman - body

Carrot as a nose

Snowman - nose

Pom-pom hat and scarf

Snowman - hat

I crochet hat differently than it is described in original crochet pattern. Mainly because I’m not skilled in knitting. I prefer hook :). I started with chain. The number of chains needed depends on hat height that you want to receive and on thickness of the yarn that you use. In the next step in each row do single crochet in back loop only. Crochet so many rows to cover snowman’s head circuit. Then sew the top of the hat and roll up the bottom.

To make pom-pom fork will be very helpful. Then cut it to the size which fits the hat.

My snowman has scarf as well. Crocheting is similar to the hat – start with chain long as scarf you want to receive. Then do singe crochet in so many rows as the expected width of the scarf.

Join all elements together

Firstly I sew pom-pom together with the hat to see where should I crochet the snowman’s eyes. Then I sew crochet carrot as a nose, tied the scarf and sew it. At the end I used black yarn to crochet an eyes and snowman’s smile.

There he is! Snowman as Christmas tree ornament is ready 😊

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