Zebra amigurumi – how did I find the perfect crochet pattern

I did not plan to crochet this zebra. Decision was made spontaneously. I searched for crochet music boxes inspirations on Pinterest. Then I came across a photo, that stole my heart. The zebra, accompanied by a horse and a unicorn, proudly presented its mane. I thought – why not? After all, babies love contrasts. Ultimately, however, I had to give up the music box idea, because the zebra leads too healthy lifestyle and her belly turn out to be too tigh for hiding the mechanism of the music box 😉😂

The zebra pattern is paid, although it is really worth the price. It is described in a very accessible way and it is rather hard to make a mistake. The author of the pattern – Kristel Droog (Mykrissiedolls) – offers a lot of beautiful amigurumi patterns.

What do you need to crochet the zebra?

  • Crochet pattern from Kristel Droog (Mykrissiedolls), which you can buy on this site with the instructions how to modify basic pattern to get the zebra or the unicorn. The pattern is available also on etsy.
  • I used black and white yarn from Gazzal Baby Cotton
  • Hook – I used the size of 3 mm
  • Safety eyes
  • Scissors

Final result

Due to the fact that the pattern is payable, I cannot publish the exact instructions for making the zebra here. However, I am convinced that even beginners can deal with it very well 🙂

I think that the biggest challenge will be changing the color of the yarn in such a way that connection is invisible. This video could be very helpful.

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