perler beads flamingo

Perler beads flamingo

The perler beads flamingo waited a long time for its coming out, but it is finally here and it can present its bright feathers to the world 🙂

Flamingo is a continuation of our mini series of perler beads pictures. The first one was the image from Disney movie “Tangled“. Rapunzel hung in the older daughter’s room, and the flamingo goes to the younger one. I don’t know what will happen with my series, because I don’t have any more children 😛

The image of perler beads flamingo is an interesting idea for a modern interior, could be a gift or just a way to spend creative time with kids.

perler beads flamingo


  • Perler beads in all shades of pink, additionally orange and yellow
  • 4 boards that can be combined in the shape of a large square (Hama code 234)
  • Wooden frame 40×60 cm
  • An iron and baking paper
  • Hot glue
Supplies for perler beads flamingo

How to make perler beads flamingo?

I used the cross stitch pattern that I found on Pinterest. I introduced changes mainly in terms of colors, I used all the shades of pink I had. Additionally, orange, maroon and purple. I made the legs of yellow, orange and beige perler beads.

Patterns for cross-stitch embroidery are ideal for perler bead images, so if you are looking for more inspiration, go ahead and type “cross-stitch pattern” in the search engine.

I arranged the flamingo in steps, first the body on 4 square pads, and then the legs on 2.

By default, each element should be ironed through baking paper to connect the beads. Then I connected the body with the legs, additionally ironing the joined elements.

perler beads flamingo

The last step was gluing the perler bead flamingo to the frame. I used the 40 x 60cm frame. First, take it apart and put in a white background. Then glue the flamingo with hot glue.

The perler bead flamingo will hang in my little daughter’s room 🙂

perler beads flamingo
perler beads flamingo

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