Welcome back card

Welcome Back card

Friends are returning from immigration from Great Britain to Poland, and there are no special cards in stores for that occasion. Therefore, I could jump into another DIY project which is the Welcome Back card. It is for all returning ones, whether from a great adventure, trips around the world or coming back from immigration.

The card is very simple to make and can be made of materials available at home. It takes about half an hour to complete. When you don’t have to take photos from each stage, it may be even quicker 🙂

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  • Natural cardboard from the back cover of a drawing block
  • A thick cardboard from a box – for a 3D effect
  • A piece of map – I printed a fragment from Google Maps
  • Color washi tape
  • Twine
  • Marker
  • Double-sided tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Supplies for Welcome Back card

Making of Welcome Back card

Start making the card by preparing the banner. To do this, stick the pieces of washi tape so that the string is in the middle. Then cut out a triangle shape of each piece to create a flag shape. You need as many pieces as you have letters and as many banners as you have words. In my case, two banners, one with seven flags for the word WELCOME, and the other with four for the word BACK.

Banner out of washi tape
Banner out of washi tape

Proceed with preparing the elements for the house, i.e. the central part of the card. The house consists of two layers for a 3D effect, a thick cardboard layer and a map front. The last part is a heart of thick cardboard.

All elements of the Welcome back card are ready

Finally stick all the elements. Attached the banner with double-sided tape. Then fix the twine in the corners of the paper and some of letters so that the banner was in the right place. You can leave some flags loose to make them look more natural.

Then glue the base of the house made of cardboard, the map and the heart with regular glue for paper.

Sticking the banner
Gluing the house shape

The Welcome Back card is ready! In mine the second banner is still blank, because until the last moment I could not decide whether it should be BACK or HOME 🙂

Welcome back card is ready
Welcome back card 3D structure

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