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For kids: pairing of colors and shapes

We continue the exercises related to colors and shapes, this time it’s pairing of colors and shapes. The aids are very easy to prepare, just print and cut out. This aids are designed for children 2-4 years.

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  • Printed template that you can download below
  • Scissors


Start by downloading and printing the prepared templates.

Then cut the sheet vertically into stripes with 3 figures each. Finally, cut each strip in half on the dotted line.

Preparation of pairs matching

Pairing of colors and shapes

Now it’s time to have fun 🙂 Mix the stripes together with the kid and give him or her a free hand in play. Let the kid explore and play. Smaller children (2-3 years old) may need small help, so you should show what to do. The older ones will certainly manage themselves.

Finding pairs

Other games with colors and shapes can be found here: version 1 and version 2.

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