Wooden doll necklace

Wooden doll necklace

I put the next step in my adventure with painted wooden beads. After the ballerinas’ key chains, I moved to the doll necklace. The wooden doll necklace can be an interesting bijou or a cool DIY gift. In addition, you can personalize the doll a little, for example, by hair color or some characteristic accessories. The execution is easier than you think. I invite you to the step by step instruction.

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  • Wooden beads in various sizes and shapes
  • Acrylic paints
  • Clear spray lacquer
  • Marker or fineliner
  • Twine from jersey
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Stick for skewers
Doll neklace - supplies

Making of doll necklace

The doll necklace is quite simple to make. The first stage is stretched in time, because you have to wait for the paint and varnish to dry. Completing the necklace is just a pleasure 🙂

Painting wooden beads

Work should start with “stuffing” the wooden beads on stick for skewers. It is important that the beads do not move, because it makes painting very difficult. If the hole is much larger than a stick, it is worth sealing with, for example, painting tape.

Preparation of wooden beads for painting

Paint beads with selected colors. If wood shines through, paint the next layer. After each layer, leave the beads to dry. I decided to have 2 dolls. One golden-haired with a white and black body. The second with brown hair and a gold-green bottom. I also decided on additional small beads.

Painted wooden beads

When the paint dries, spray with clear varnish. After the paint dries, draw the face of the doll with a marker. It is important to draw the eyes and lips on the lacquered ball because the marker is spilled on the raw wood. For me, unfortunately, it happened, although I put one layer of varnish. That’s why I advise you to put 2 layers before drawing details.

Spray again with clear varnish and leave to dry.

Lacquered wooden beads

Completing the doll necklace

Prepare all painted beads and string.

Preparation for completing doll neklace

Plan your composition. I added one bead above the doll, so I started with it because it is on a single string. I secured him with a knot so it would not run up.

Now it’s time for the main part, or doll. She is strung on both ends of the string, which can cause problems for beads with a smaller hole. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I found a way to do it.

  • First, thread the bead on a single string.
  • Then “hide” the beginning of the second string in the first.
  • Drag the string connection through the bead and it’s ready.

At the end, tie a knot under the doll and cut the ends of the string.

The pendant is ready. Now you can wear it or give it to someone 🙂

If you are looking for more ideas for DIY decorations then you will find them in the decorations section.

Doll neklace

Inspiration found on etsy.com.

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