Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

Pumpkin tutu costume for Halloween

In the kindergarten there is the pumpkin festival coming, hence I started the “Pumpkin tutu costume” project immediately. Nothing adds more splendor to a costume than a tutu skirt, which is why I use it so often. The tutu skirt has additional benefits, it is easy to make and the materials are inexpensive.

The pumpkin tutu costume consists of three elements: the orange tutu skirt, the orange t-shirt with a green collar, and hair clips with green tulle pom poms.

Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

Supplies for pumpkin tutu costume

  • Tulle in rolls 6″ wide x 25 yards long. The number of rolls depends on the size of the skirt, for small children (2-3 years) 4 rolls are enough, for older ones (4-5 years) 5 rolls should do.
  • About 20’’ elastic band, 0,5’’ wide
  • Scissors
  • Orange T-shirt
  • 2 hair clips
  • Green ribbon – optional, because it is to tie a bow on the skirt.
  • Green ribbon with pom poms – optional, because I used it to decorate the shirt’s collar.
  • Needle with thread – optional if you want to sew a ribbon to the T-shirt.
  • Scissors
Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

How to make no sew tutu skirt?

The detailed tutorial on how to make no sew tutu skirt is here.

Hair clips with tulle pom poms

Hair clips with tulle pom poms look cute and give the costume extra charm. Tulle pom poms are made in the same way as yarn pom poms. So you can use the pom pom maker or the cardboard circles. Detailed instructions on how to make tulle pom poms can be found here.

This time I used the pom pom maker and then I attached the pom poms to hair clips.

Tulle pom pom
Tulle pom pom

Orange t-shirt

The last element of the pumpkin tutu costume is an orange t-shirt. After the work on the pumpkin garland, a piece of ribbon with green pom poms remained and it turned out to be perfect for the pumpkin tutu costume. You can use a different ribbon or make two green bows from a ribbon and sew them on the shoulders (I did so on the ghost costume)

Pumpkin t-shirt

If you want your costume to be more Halloween-themed, you can sew pumpkin face on the T-shirt, just like those cut out in real pumpkins. I did so on the ghost tutu costume.

Pumpkin tutu costume is ready 🙂

Hopefully your kid will collect many treats 😉

Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess
Girls Halloween costume - pumpkin tutu princess

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