Sea turtle lapbook

Sea turtle lapbook with free lapbook templates

The sea turtle lapbook is our second lapbook, the first one was about Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Now the subject is completely different, and yet my daughter used most of the windows and hiding places that I had prepared for the previous lapbook. A new feature is a window in the form of a camera with a sliding film of photos. You can download all materials below in the Printable templates section.

We became interested in sea turtles after last year’s holidays, we present some photos in which we managed to capture these peaceful animals. From that trip, I also created a photo book about the fauna and flora of the Maldives, and here are the pages about the sea turtle.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Lapbook żółw morski

How to make a sea turtle lapbook

The base is a cardboard with closed wings, which this time form a turtle shell. On the lower cardboard, the turtle’s fins, head and tail are drawn with markers.

The heart of the lapbook are all kinds of opening windows, flowers, envelopes and pockets. The fancier the better. We used several techniques (all our templates can be downloaded below):

  • Lifted labels as true or false. In each level there is a true and false statement about a sea turtle, and when you pick up the label you can see whether it was a right or wrong answer.
  • Drop-down list with sea turtle species.
  • Hidden in the petal square is information about the sea turtles’ food preferences.
  • The envelope lists factors that threaten sea turtles.
  • The rotating wheel contains information about the turtles’ reproductive cycle. To make it, I printed the Turtle Life Cycle and Rotating Turtle coloring pages. When printing, they need to be scaled to fit each other in size.
  • Turtle body parts were created based on the Turtle body parts coloring page and sticky notes covering the answers.
  • A camera with our photos of the sea turtles we encountered. You can also make drawings or download photos from the Internet here.

An additional source of a large number of turtle coloring pages that can be useful when creating and decorating a lapbook.

Printable lapbook templates

You can find a lot of templates on the Internet, although you have to pay for the coolest sets. That’s why I created some of my patterns that you can download and print.

Here are the templates my daughter used to create a lapbook about Maria Skłodowska Curie. So a few non-standard elements, such as a drop-down beaker 🧪 or a rotating radioactivity symbol ☢. The remaining ones are universal and can be used regardless of the subject of the lapbook.

For the needs of a lapbook about a sea turtle, I also created a template with a drag film, and when colored, it looks really great.

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