How to make a lapbook?

How to make a lapbook? Get free templates

When my older daughter started school, the sack of art works fell apart. Competition after competition, that you don’t know which one to choose, and you would like all of them 😁. This time, the competition was about creating a lapbook about the school’s patron, Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Lapbook is a new form of expression that I have not dealt with at school, so I had to dig the internet to educate myself how to make a lapbook. Again, the most difficult thing was to give the initiative to my daughter 😉

If you are most interested in downloadable templates please check here.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Lapbook o Marii Skłodowskiej-Curie z szablonami do pobrania

What is a lapbook?

Lapbook is a form of art work made with many techniques. The most important thing is that it should open and have many hiding places, pockets and windows. It should be interesting and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

We invite you to a short demo of our lapbook 🙂

How to make a lapbook

The base is a cardboard with lockable wings. Our lapbook is in A3 format vertically, and the wings close with an overlap, a bit like an archive folder.

The heart of a lapbook are all kinds of opening windows, petals, envelopes and pockets. The fancier the better. We used a few techniques, all of our templates are downloadable below.

Printed templates for lapbook

The content depends on the subject of the lapbook. Ours is about Maria, so I printed information (from Wikipedia) and interesting facts about the double Nobel Prize winner and a few photos. Additionally, to adjust the level of the lapbook to the first grade, I printed coloring pages matching the interesting facts.

Lapbook in progress

Open windows

The simplest form, it opens on one side. The movable wing is a coloring book, and underneath a photo and an interesting fact.

The lapbook includes the following curiosities in the windows under the coloring pages:

  1. Arrangement with sister and the trip to Paris – coloring page
  2. Maria i Piotr – coloring page
  3. Travel wedding by bike – coloring page
  4. Climbing Rysy peak – coloring page
  5. Maria – coloring page

4 tab petal

Maria knew five languages, so the square with 4 petals was a perfect fit.


The classic form of a hiding place in the form of an opened envelope. We used the interesting fact about Maria’s acquaintance with Albert Einstein. They knew and corresponded with each other for many years, and each of them wrote in the language they used. Maria in French and Albert in German.

The envelopes contain letters with the handwriting of Maria and Albert and signed by them.

Spinning wheel

Wheel in the form of a rotating radioactivity symbol ☢. The daughter says it’s the coolest thing 😁

The element that allows the wheel to rotate is an ironed Hama bead. First you need to iron it on one side. Then make holes in the base and rotatable piece. Finally, iron the bead from above. Done 😉

Links to cool symbols of polonium i radium.


In the form of a pull-down beaker, it perfectly fits the chemical subject. There are printed interesting facts stuck inside.

Lapbook cover page

For the title page, my daughter prepared a model of the radium atom, where the electrons are colored pom poms 🤩.

I downloaded the model of atoms from Wikipedia: radium and polonium.

Electron shell radium with electrons in form of pom poms

Crème de la crème is an abstract portrait of Maria made of colorful yarn. It is definitely easier than it looks and a child can make it with a little help (mine was limited to cutting the yarn). Apply glue on the printed abstract and stick the yarn pieces.

Lapbook free printable templates

You can find a lot of templates on the Internet, although you have to pay for the coolest sets. That’s why I created some of my patterns that you can download and print.

Our lapbook is about Maria Skłodowska Curie, so we have a few non-standard elements such as a drop-down beaker 🧪 or a rotating symbol of radioactivity ☢. The others are universal and can be used regardless of the subject of the lapbook.

Lapbook - printable templates

Lapbook about Maria Skłodowska-Curie

Lapbook about Maria Sklodowska Curie
How to make a lapbook?
How to make a lapbook?

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