Paper strips Christmas card

How to make paper strips Christmas card

Paper strips Christmas card is very easy to make and looks great even on white paper. What’s more, it can also be made of paper strips cut out from glossy magazines, which during the holiday season abound in advertisements with Christmas trees and stars. We will try to make such recycled Christmas cards when we collect some magazines 🙂

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Kartka świąteczna z pasków papieru

You will need

  • White cardboard – our cards are in A5 format, which is half of an A4 format.
  • Color pattern paper or strips from glossy magazines.
  • Glitter stars – they can be a ready-made foam stickers or a self-cut glitter paper stars.
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Christmas whishes
Supplies for paper strips Christmas card

How to make paper strips Christmas card

The first step is to cut the paper strips and divide them into sections of different lengths.

Our cards are in A5 format and consist of 7 colorful stripes, wishes at the bottom and a glitter star at the top.

Next, it’s best to try to place the stripes without gluing. When the composition is satisfactory, you can proceed to gluing the elements.

Christmas card made of paper strips is ready

Our cards will go to the “Heart for courage” organized every year by the Nations Remembrance Foundation. The action consists in preparing Christmas cards for Polish veterans of World War II, to whom we owe free and independent Poland. In this symbolic way, we thank the heroes for their great courage during the war.

Paper strips Christmas card

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