DIY gift ideas for Grandma

DIY gift ideas for Grandma

Nothing will please Grandma as much as a handmade gift that will be made especially for her. Check out our DIY gift ideas for Grandma.

Ideas start with cards and laurels that can be a standalone gift or an addition, then there are 4 categories of gifts.

In each post you will find a list of materials you need and detailed instructions on how to make such a gift yourself or with your kid.

I. Cards and laurels

1. Happy Grandparents Day cards DIY – with our templates are super easy

2. Card with fingerprints

Our card was made by the whole class, but you can also use this idea as a gift for Grandma and Grandpa 🙂

3. Paper cupcakes

II. DIY gift ideas for Grandma – with flowers

4. Forest in a jar

Forest in a jar has recently become an interior design hit. Some compositions in florists arouse admiration while reaching dizzying prices. The idea itself is very simple, and properly made should be almost self-sufficient, only needing a little watering and airing.

Forest in a jar for beginners

Forest in a jar

5. Painted rocks cacti

The Painted rocks cacti are not only an universal gift idea for almost every occasion, but also an option to have a “plant” that does not require watering.

Painted rocks cacti

Painted rock cacti

6. Hexagonal frame with reindeer moss

I couldn’t decide if the hexagonal frame with moss should be in the flower gifts or in the home gifts section, because it suits both.

The hexagonal frame is made of popsicle sticks and reindeer moss.

Hexagonal frame with reindeer moss – modern and simple DIY

Hexagonal frame with reindeer lichen

7. Egg carton flower wreath

8. Paper hydrangea flower wreath

9. Pressed flowers art

III. DIY gift ideas for Grandma – home gifts

10. Pebble and sea glass art

This is a good idea for a gift that you can make together with kids. If the children were on vacation with their grandmother and brought some natural souvenirs, such as pebbles or sticks, this is an ideal opportunity to use them and create an ingenious gift for their grandma. I am convinced that she will be touched and appreciate your family creativity.

Pebble and sea glass art

Gulls on the breakwater

11. Pretzel knot pillow

This is a gift idea for a modern grandma. You can match the color to the interior or to her temperament 🙂

Pretzel knot pillow

12. Pom pom rug

13. Multi colored soaps

14. Lantern from a jar

15. Paper bag snowflakes

16. Red button heart

IV. DIY gift ideas for Grandma – Hama beads

17. Hama beads art

18. Hama bead earrings, bracelet and clips

19. Hama bead and tassel necklace

V. DIY gift ideas for Grandma – pendants and keyrings

20. Seashell pendants

Do you like looking for shells on the beach, then you do not know what to do with them? If so, I have a proposition for you. Create seashell pendants and give them to your loved ones. 

Seashell pendants

seashell pendants

21. Wooden doll necklace

The wooden doll necklace can be an interesting bijou or a cool DIY gift. In addition, you can personalize the doll a little, for example, by hair color or some characteristic accessories. The execution is easier than you think. I invite you to the step by step instruction.

Wooden doll necklace

Doll neklace

22. Wooden bead ballerina keyring

The wooden bead ballerina keyring is a combination of painted wooden balls and tulle pompom. I invite you to the tutorial with step-by-step instructions and with suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls lurking for beginners.

Wooden bead ballerina

Wooden bead ballerina

Other ideas

If you are looking for other DIY gifts ideas, then check our other categories such as gift ideas for a child, for her, for him, for the teacher.

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