BB8 droid key ring

BB8 droid key ring

After Balerina key rings for women, it’s time for something for men. Any Star Wars fan will be delighted with a BB8 droid key ring. The basis are painted wooden beads. Although it looks like an intricate job, it is not very labor intensive at all. The whole lasted about an hour and a half with breaks for drying. My BB8 droid key ring went as a gift for friend for 40th birthday.

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  • Wooden beads with a diameter of 1’’ and ¾’’
  • Sandpaper or file
  • Acrylic paints
  • Gray rollerball pen
  • Clear acrylic coating
  • Twine
  • Sticks
  • Brush
  • Snap hook or a key ring
  • Scissor
Supplies for BB8 droid key ring

Making of BB8 droid key ring

Flattening the head

The first step is to flatten the droid’s head. BB8 does not have a round head, but more like half a sphere. To do this, grind the ball on the sandpaper or on the file. I admit that it is an ungrateful job. You have to wave a lot to flatten the bead. The solution could be a thicker sandpaper.

Painting wooden beads

The next step is to prepare the wooden beads for painting. It is best to put balls on a stick so that they do not move. If the stick is too thin, you can seal it with a piece of paper so that the balls are still.

Preparation of wooden beads for painting

Now is the time to paint. This phase consists of several stages. After each put away the beads to dry.

  • The first layer of white paint.
  • The second layer of white paint.
  • Orange elements. Circles on a large ball and trifles on the head
  • Gray elements on the trunk and head.
  • Black eyes.
  • With a gray pen, draw the borders of the orange circles, connections, imitations of rivets, dummy plates on the head.
  • The first layer of clear acrylic coating.
  • The second layer of clear acrylic coating.
  • Optional third layer of clear acrylic coating.

Combining the key ring

It’s time to join all the elements to produce the BB8 droid key ring. To place the key chain you need a head, a torso and a key peg or carabiner and a string.

Start by attaching the string to the snap hook or circle. Then thread the balls. At the end, tie a strong, big knot and cut the excess string.

The BB8 droid key ring is ready! Now attach it to the keys or pack it for a gift 🙂

BB8 droid key ring

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