Piece of rainbow cake

Rainbow birthday cake in colorful sugar topping

Birthday cake is one of the most important things during kid’s bisrthday party. Kiddos’ ‘WOW’ is priceless when they are delighted with the cake. The feeling is even better when the cake is not bought but made by yourself. That’s why I have for you the recipe for the rainbow birthday cake covered with colorful sugar topping. A smile on your kid’s face is guaranteed 🙂

Let me be encouraged by the fact that I am not a baking master chef. In the pictures you can see that my cake is not perfect and the edges are falling. After all, the children were delighted.

I have to admit that I have obtained colors thanks to food colors, so it is not nature itself. But birthday cakes are not eaten every day.

The original recipe for the cake can be found on mywypieki.com blog. Unfortunatelly that page is in Polish only, so I can only advice you to visit see this one, but I haven’t tried that one on my own.

I kept to the instructions as far as I could. Although I had a few mishaps, the cake went well, so you can say that the recipe is easy.

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  • I’m not a baker pro, so for a list of ingredients, I refer you to mojewypieki.com or divascancook.com.
  • For topping you need 2 packages of colored sugar sprinkles.
  • I also bought aluminum molds to speed up the baking process. Search by keyword “Round aluminum mold”.

Baking sponges

Baking time: 80 minutes.

I started baking two days before the birthday party. Despite of 2 days delay, standing without cover and transport the cake survived without a hitch.

According to the recipe, I made 2 tops at a time, in the series:

  • Preparation of the mass
  • Dividing the mass into 2 parts
  • Adding food coloring to each part
  • Laying the baking tray with baking paper
  • Shedding of colored masses into molds
  • Baking
  • Throwing 🙂

At the time when the first part was baking, I was making another pair of sponges. At the end I had 6 sponges in the colors of the rainbow: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Combining the cake

Execution time: 60 minutes

  • First, prepare the mass according to the recipe on mojewypieki.com or divascancook.com.
  • Place all the layers .
  • Finally, put the remaining mass on the whole cake.

Colorful sugar topping

Execution time: 15 minutes

This stage should be done just before serving the cake, because the cream mass dissolves the colors in the sugar topping.

  • On the top of the cake, sprinkle the sugar topping evenly, gently pushing the balls so that they stick to the mass.
  • The sides of the cake are a bit more problematic. Sprinkle the sugar topping on your hand and stick the balls to the side of the cake.

Now only candles and the birthday rainbow cake is ready 🙂

If you are looking for other birthday inspirations then you will find them in the Birthday section.

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