Seashell pendants

Seashell pendants

Do you like looking for shells on the beach, then you do not know what to do with them? If so, I have a proposition for you. Create seashell pendants and give them to your loved ones. The shape of the pendant depends on the type of shells you have. Shells with a hole are the best, i.e. either broken or with a natural break. I haven’t tried to drill them myself, so I don’t know how they would behave.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Wisiorki z muszelek

seashell pendants


  • Seashells with a hole
  • Thin leather straps
  • Wooden Beads
Suppplies for seashell pendants

How to make seashell pendants

Making of seashell pendants is easy as long as you have shells with a hole. First fold the thin leather strap in half. Pass the loop through the hole and then pull the ends of the strap.

Then add wooden beads to decorate. We used wooden beads, which worked very well because the strap was quite thick and we easily expanded holes in wooden beads.

seashell pendants

Finally, make a sliding strap connection that allows you to adjust the length of the necklace. Tie the end of one strap on the other strap and do the same for the other. Then align the lengths.

Adjustable straps

Repeat this until you ran out of supplies. We used up all the straps. We have a lot of seashells left, so they still have to lie in the drawer and wait for another idea.

Seashell pendants are a great gift idea for mom, grandmother or a friend. They are also a way to preserve holiday memories.

seashell pendants

Seashell pendants are ready 🙂

Seashell pendant
Seashell pendants
Seashell pendants
Seashell pendants

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