Easy paper Christmas garland

Easy paper Christmas garland – with printable templates

Easy paper Christmas garland with Christmas trees and stars is our idea for a Christmas decoration. With our templates you can make several versions of the garland. When you use more accessories like pom poms and stickers, you will get even more combinations.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Świąteczna girlanda z choinkami i gwiazdkami – szablony do pobrania

Together with the girls we made 3 garlands:

  • Just stars
  • Stars, Christmas trees and pom poms
  • Christmas trees, foam stickers and pompoms

What will your version be? 😁

Materials needed

  • Colored printer paper (also called copier paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String
  • Foam stickers and pom poms – optional to additionally decorate the garland.
  • Garland templates – to be printed on colored paper
Supplies for Christmas garland

How to make a Christmas garland

First, print Christmas tree and star templates on color paper. There will be 12 elements on each sheet of paper. I printed the Christmas trees on green and the stars on yellow paper.

The next step is cutting out all the elements. The patterns are quite simple, so even younger children can handle them. I was cutting with my daughters 4 and 7 years old.. I have learned to accept the imperfections and the most important thing is having fun 🙂

The last step is sticking the cut elements onto a string. It is best to smear one element with glue, put a string on it and stick another element on top. So a Christmas tree on a Christmas tree, a star on a star.

Additionally, the garland can be decorated with glitter stickers or pom poms. We have a pompous frenzy, so this time we couldn’t miss them 😀

Paper Christmas garland with Christmas trees and stars is ready 🙂

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