Large paper bags snowflakes

How to make paper bag snowflakes

The paper bag snowflakes have been on my mind for some time, but only now I have decided to go for them. And to be honest, no photos or videos can capture the magnificence of self-made paper bag snowflakes. The moment when you unfold the bags and the snowflake emerges is totally amazing. As if that wasn’t enough, making such a paper bag snowflake is really simple and quick.

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You will need

  • Paper bags – I personally like the brown ones the most. I haven’t seen them anywhere to buy stationary, so as usual I bought them online. The only thing I didn’t expect was that the brown ones would be so big, but maybe that’s what makes them even more delightful. My brown ones are 17×33 cm and the white ones are 12×22 cm.
  • Universal glue
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Twine

How to make paper bag snowflakes

One snowflake requires approximately 7-11 bags. I made most of the snowflaks from 9 pieces, it’s worth experimenting. The more bags, the snowflake will be denser, and when there are fewer bags, it will be more stretched, so it depends on who likes what.

To make a paper bag snowflake should (the snowflake in the photos is made of 11 bags):

  • On the first bag, apply glue down the middle along the entire length and on the bottom edge.
  • Place another bag on top.
  • Repeat applying the glue until the last bag. Leave the last one unglued at this time.
  • Cut out the pattern as desired. Surely there should be a triangle at the top and you can stop there. However, you can additionally cut patterns on the sides, then you will get an openwork star. It’s worth trying different patterns and see what works best. Below are some inspirations with before and after unfolding.
  • Now, apply glue on the last bag.
  • Unfold the star and press the glued layer of the last bag with the first bag.

Paper bag snowflake templates

Paper bag snowflakes

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