Paper hydrangea flower wreath

Paper hydrangea flower wreath

Asymmetrical arrangement of flowers and a fashionable hoop make the paper hydrangea flower wreath on the embroidery hoop a great home decoration for spring and summer. All petals and leaves are cut out of paper with the help of a decorative hole punch, while the flower base is made of styrofoam balls. Making a wreath is simple, although quite time-consuming, because each petal must be glued separately. Definitely an option for patient ones, while the effect more than compensates for the time invested.

Paper hydrangea flower wreath
Paper hydrangea flower wreath

Supplies for paper hydrangea flower wreath

  • embroidery hoop
  • color paper
  • decorative flower and leaf hole punch – 2,5cm
  • styrofoam balls
  • floral wire
  • hot glue
Supplies for paper flower wreath

How to make paper hydrangea flowers?

Making hydrangea flowers should start with cutting out a large number of paper flowers. A decorative hole punch is very helpful here. For one hydrangea flower you need flowers cut out from two A4 sheets. I decided on two-colored flowers because in my opinion they reflect the colors of real hydrangea flowers.

Paper flowers preparation

Then gently fold all petals, thanks to this it is easier to grab them and speeds up sticking.

Curving hydrangea petals

The last preparatory step is cutting the polystyrene ball into half.

Paper hydrangea flowers preparation

Now the most laborious activity begins, namely sticking paper flowers on the entire hemisphere. Apply a drop of glue to the flower, then stick to the hemisphere.

Gluing paper petals
Gluing paper petals

And so until the entire hemisphere is full …

This is how the finished hydrangea flower looks like.

Making of paper hydrangea

This is how it looks from below.

Making of paper hydrangea

Make another hydrangea flowers in the same way. In my wreath there are 2 large purple-lilac hydrangeas, 2 large cream-lilac, 2 small green-lilac and 1 small green-cream hydrangea.

Twigs with paper leaves

The next step is to prepare green twigs that will give the wreath a bit more color and will make it more interesting. Making twigs is very simple, at least in theory: you cut out the leaves and stick them to the wire. In practice, it is quite difficult to control small leaves, thin wire and hot glue.

How to make paper hydrangea flower wreath?

The last step is to combine all prepared elements.

Paper hydrangea flowers wreath

Styrofoam balls can easily be glued to a wooden hoop with hot glue. I wanted one small flower to escape beyond the hoop, so I mounted it on a wire and glued the other end to the hoop.

Glued paper hydrangea flower - rear view
Glued paper hydrangea flower

Then I added the twigs, I didn’t stick them, I just pressed the wires into the polystyrene hemispheres.

Paper hydrangea flower wreath - rear view
Paper hydrangea flower wreath

The wreath is ready 🙂 In what position does it look better?

Paper hydrangea flower wreath
Paper hydrangea flower wreath
Paper hydrangea flower wreath

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