polystyrene foam Christmas tree Advent calendar

Advent calendar in the form of polystyrene foam Christmas tree

We transformed our old Advent calendar into Advent calendar in the form of polystyrene foam Christmas tree. Additionally we used polystyrene foam that remained after the insulating pots for winter and the remains of green chalkboard paint. Such a polystyrene foam Christmas tree is easy to make and can be made together with children 🙂

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Kalendarz adwentowy jako choinka ze styropianu

From our old calendar we took hooks and pouches, before transformation it looked like this 😉

Advent calendar

Materials needed to create a polystyrene Christmas tree

  • Polystyrene foam sheet
  • Knife
  • Green chalkboard paint
  • Brown paint
  • Screws hooks – available at DIY stores
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Numbers – we used our number templates to be printed
  • Pouches – You can also wrap sweets / activities in paper and hang them on a ribbon.
Supplies for Advent calendar in the form of polystyrene foam Christmas tree

How to make a polystyrene foam Christmas tree?

A triangle should be cut out of a rectangular sheet of polystyrene foam. The polystyrene foam is easy to cut and break, so just cut the polystyrene foam with a knife and break it off. My girls wanted a Christmas tree with a stump, so I also cut a rectangle at the bottom. Even though with such a shape there was more work and it was impossible to break it off, at the end the stump and its remains turned out to be a perfect stand :).

we painted the Christmas tree shape with the chalkboard paint. We used chalk board paint and we applied 3 coats, but you can also use a different paint. Polystyrene foam can be painted with acrylic paint.

Advent calendar in the form of polystyrene foam Christmas tree

After the paint is dry, the next step is to screw in the hooks. We also had to remove these hooks from our old calendar. Before screwing in the hooks, it is worth trying the arrangement of the bags. Therefore, first we spread the bags and after that we started screwing in the hooks. The hooks screw into polystyrene foam very easily, so this can also be done by children.

Then you need to hang the bags and stick the numbers using double-sided tape. You can download the numbers here.

Advent calendar is ready, so now we are looking forward to December 1st 😉

Advent Calendar activity ideas – download and print

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