Kalendarz adwentowy

Advent calendar made of plank and hooks

This is our first Advent calendar, it may not be perfect, but the first pancake is always spoiled. Advent calendar made of plank and hooks is easy to make and durable, so you can use it for several years.

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  • Plank – I had the waste from kitchen shelves, it’s about 70 cm long
  • Screws hooks – available at DIY stores
  • Drill – to make holes for hooks
  • Clips with chalk boards – You can make numbers in a different way, e.g. cut out of cardboard and stick with tape, stick stickers-numbers. Here you can download 3 versions of the numbers ready to print.
  • Chalk – optional, if you use plates.
  • pouch – You can also wrap sweets / tasks in paper and hang them on a ribbon.
supplies for advent calendar

How to make an advent calendar out of plank and hooks

Start by measuring an even distance for the 24 hooks so that they are symmetrically spaced along the entire length of the board. Then drill holes and screw in the hooks.

Making of advent calendar

Number the hooks 🙂 If you use chalk boards clips, just number them. If you do not have chalk board clips, you can stick the numbers you download from us here.

Hang a bag on each hook and attach a clip with a number.

Complete all pouches with sweets or tasks (you can download ready-to-print tasks here).

A tip for parents to put the candy in the appropriate bag every morning, instead of refilling all bags at once, because children check all bags immediately and find it difficult to resist eating sweets.

Advent calendar

This is how a ready Advent calendar made of plank and hooks looks like

Advent calendar waiting to be filled with sweets

Advent calendar ideas

Free printable numbers for the advent calendar

Advent Calendar activity ideas – download and print

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