Christmas crossword puzzle and I spy Christmas game

Christmas activities for kids – crossword puzzle and I spy Christmas 🔎

While working on activities for the Advent calendar and templates for Christmas cards, I created graphics that asked to be transformed into Christmas activities for kids 😁. In this way, a Christmas crossword puzzle and I SPY Christmas activities emerged.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Świąteczna wykreślanka i gra w poszukiwania I SPY 🔎

Christmas crossword puzzle and I spy Christmas game

Christmas crossword puzzle

The original Christmas graphic was used to produce Christmas cards templates. Here I transformed the graphic into Christmas crossword puzzle activity for kids.

At the bottom of the puzzle there is a cheat sheet with hidden words so that younger children can cope. If you want a more difficult version, you can cut off the bottom of the cheat sheet.

I Spy Christmas activity for kids

Originally, the graphic was used for the activities for the advent calendar . Then I used it to prepare a Christmas game for the kids I Spy Christmas.

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