Cloud pinata

Cloud pinata DIY

Pinatas have stolen my heart and running on the creative energy after popsicle pinata I’ve made cloud pinata. The charm of pinata is fleeting and fades with each stroke of the stick. It turns into smiles on kids’ faces and great joy when they reach the treasure inside 😀

You can find the tutorial on how to start your adventure with pinata in the post How do you make a simple pinata? In this post I focus on cute cloud pinata.

Cloud pinata

What materials do you need to make a pinata?

  • Cardboard box in the size similar to the size of your pinata
  • Color tissue paper – for the cloud pinata I used one and a half roll of white paper and 10 cm piece of other colors for the tail.
  • Black and pink paper for cloud’s face
  • Paper tape
  • Paper glue
  • Rope
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional duct tape to strengthen the rope attachment
Supplies for pinata DIY

What to put inside a pinata?

In summer, it’s best to avoid chocolates because they can melt. I decided on small powdered sweets, bouncing balls and fruit slimes.

Sweets and toys for pinata

Preparing the shape out of cardboard

I started making my cloud pinata with the preparation of the shape from cardboard. Cloud pinata is more demanding than popcisle pinata, because you have to fight a little bit with cardboard. It is best to stick in several places with paper tape so that the pinata is not too strong.

  1. Draw a cloud shape on the box and cut on one side.
  2. Use felling as a template to trace on the other side.
  3. Cut out the cloud shape from the other side.
  4. Cut the sides and cut off the excess cardboard.
  5. Fold the whole shape and stick with paper tape.

This time, I attached the rope and filled the pinata before decorating. This has its pros and cons. The undoubted advantage is that the shaped is already connected together and you do not have to worry about the window. On the other hand, the drawback is that the pinata is heavier and the content shifts when maneuvering.

Here I remind the knot to secure the rope.

Fastening the rope to the pinata

Decorating the cloud pinata

The next step is to decorate the pinata with color tissue paper.

  • Cut about 6 cm from a roll of tissue paper
  • Unfold the top layer so that a flat stack of several layers of paper is created
  • Cut at the edges leaving about 1.5 cm uncut
  • Then cut the tissue paper along the entire length
  • Finally, unfold the paper strip

Cover the entire cardboard box with the prepared strips of tissue paper. Glue the strips every 1-2 cm, first in the front and sides, and then on the back.

The face makes the cloud pinata looks cute and charming. Eyes, mouth and chicks can be easily made of color paper.

Cloud pinata

The last element is the color tail, which optically enlarges the pinata. In addition, it effectively waves in the wind. To make a tail:

  1. Cut pieces of tissue paper about 1 cm wide
  2. Dissolve the paper
  3. Catch it half
  4. Stick to the pinata’s the base

Cloud pinata is ready!

Playing with pinata involves hitting it with a wooden stick until it falls apart and reveals its contents. The stick should be wooden so that it lasts until the end 🙂

Our kids struck in turn, each had 3 strokes, and the others waited at a safe distance. Everyone was collecting sweets and toys when the pinata fell apart and everything fell out of it.

Cloud pinata
Cloud pinata
Collecting sweets from the broken pinata

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