Modern forest in a jar

Forest in a jar with ivy – the green accent to a modern interior

The forest in a jar does not leave the podium of interior design hits, hence it is a great gift idea. In this post I will present the forest in a jar with ivy, which will be perfect as the decoration in a modern interior.

You can find detailed instructions on how to create a forest in a jar along with beginner’s tips in my earlier post Forest in a jar for beginners.

The glass vessel is mainly responsible for the character of the forest in a jar, so this time I chose a truncated cone with a cork lid and a hole on the wall through which the ivy “escapes”.

Modern forest in a jar

Supplies for forest in a jar with ivy

  • Jar with a hole – I bought in the Polish online store, you should look for in one in your country
  • Substrate – it’s possible to buy a starter kit, again look in online store. Such sets have everything you need: drainage, activated carbon, soil, sands, gravel and rocks. I bought the XXL set and it was enough for 4 spheres. I have some gravel and rocks left.
  • Ivy – I bought in all my plants at the DIY store, and more precisely at Obi (popular in Europe).
  • Spatula or spoon
  • Brush – very useful for cleaning plants and glass from the soil
Supplies for modern forest in a jar of ovy

Substrate preparation

To prepare the substrate I used the following supplies from the starter kit:

  • Drainage
  • Gravel
  • Activated carbon
  • Soil enriched with fertilizers


The drainage layer is important because there is no water leak in the glass jar. A permeable layer is made so that the roots do not stand in the water. For drainage, you can use popular expanded clay or volcanic lava, which apparently has better properties than expanded clay.

This time I used expanded clay and gravel to additionally have a nice visual effect.

Drainage layer at the bottom

Then I added some activated carbon, its task is to absorb harmful chemicals (for more information, see Wikipedia).

Layer of drainage and active carbon

The last layer is a soil mix. It must be at least equal to the height of the root ball of your plants. Prepare the holes for the plants.

The brush is very useful for cleaning the sides of the container from soil.

Layer of soil

Planting ivy

When planting it’s better to start with the plants at the back. I planted 3 ivies, and 2 of them stick out their branches through the hole.

Planting in a jar
Modern forest in a jar

Forest in a jar with ivy is ready

This is the end, I hope that I encouraged you to make such a decoration yourself. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via the post commentary or email at

Modern forest in a jar
Modern forest in a jar

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