Coded pictures Disney princess

Coded images Disney Princesses

To make it easier for us to survive quarantine, I have prepared for kids coded images Disney Princesses. This is an activity mainly for preschoolers and kids can use the templates twice. Firstly to decode the images and secondly to use the pattern as template for hama beads. It’s safe to say that it is learning through play, because coded pictures introduce children to the world of algorithms and programming.

The first version of the coded images contains 6 cards with Disney princesses, they are: Jasmine, Elsa, Moana, Anna, Sophie and Elena. Decoding of pictures consists in coloring the template based on the legend under the table, where the colors and their coordinates are marked. It’s a bit like a battleship game, but this time instead of a sea battle a colorful picture is created.

Coded image Moana


For this activity you only need printed work cards and crayons.

Optionally, hama beads along with a square washer will also be useful if you plan to use decoded images as templates.

Coded images Disney princesses

Decoding images of Disney princesses

The rules for decoding the image are simple, however making the whole picture requires attention and focus. The legend at the bottom of the page shows where to use each color on the grid. To make it easier and to track your progress, you can cross out the already completed instruction.

As the example of Moana, start with a black pencil from the square G1, and first color 5 squares: G1, H1, I1, J1 and K1.

Coded images Disney princesses

After completing the instructions for the black pencil, proceed to the next color. This is how it looks in stages.

Coded images Disney princesses

When finished, the decoded image can be used as a pattern for hama beads.

Hama bead Moana

And that’s how all the princesses look like.

Hama bead Moana Elsa Jasmine

If you’re only interested in the princesses templates, you’ll find them below. I developed the templates for Moana, Elsa, Anna, Sophie and Elena by myself, while for Jasmine I took from Pinterest. When making beads creations skip the background.

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