Gingerbread house boxes

Gingerbread house boxes

During the holidays, we do not slow down and continue to produce gingerbread houses. This time we used white markers and boxes left after gifts opening. The recipe for gingerbread house boxes is simple, because you just need to turn the box over to the brown side and you decorate it with markers. This year there was a great gingerbread madness in our house. We baked traditional gingerbread cookies and made a gingerbread house for the first time.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Piernikowe domki z pudełek.

Gingerbread house


  • Boxes – we used boxes left after unpacking new glass set. We found 6 under the Christmas tree, so they were perfect for our DIY 😁
  • White markers – if you don’t have white, they can also be in other colors.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sequins and crystals (optional) – you can additionally decorate boxes with colorful sequins and crystals.
Supplies for gingerbread house box

How to make gingerbread house out boxes?

The order of work depends on the boxes you have. Ours are white, so the first action was to unfold the boxes and cut them to the shape of the house. You can also decorate other shapes and build a whole city that way.

Cutting out the house shape

It is best to draw on unfolded cardboard.

Decorating the box with white marker
Decorating the box with white marker
Decorating the box with white marker
Decorating the box with white marker

The final step is to glue the cardboard together to make a house. In our case, it was necessary to stick the side tab and try to figure out how to finish the roof. It caused some problems, but in the end we managed to achieve a nice sloping roof.

Gluing the house shape
Gluing the house shape

The gingerbread house boxes are ready!

Now they can be used as a decoration or even better to play 🏠🏠🏠

Gingerbread house boxes
Gingerbread house boxes

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