Handmade birthday card for one-year-old

Nothing is more enjoyable than getting a handmade gift, even if it is just a greeting birthday card. This is not about final result itself, but also about the fact that someone devoted his time and energy. Creating birthday cards is a process that give you a lot of fun. Especially when they are created for children and with children 🙂

We recently celebrated the first birthday of my husband’s goddaughter. Together with Wiktoria, we have prepared an impressive birthday card for her. See for yourself 🙂

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What do you need

  • A sheet of colored A4 paper. If we prefer a different size, a sharp knife and ruler will be useful
  • Sequins
  • Glue
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Crayons, we used pastels

How to do it

  • First, cut the piece of paper to the size that you need. I fold the A4 card in half and cut off about 5 cm vertically.
  • Then draw a circle (for example using the glass). It will be our balloon. Elephant can be printed and traced on a sheet of paper or you can try to draw it yourself. I was inspired by this card.
  • Form a ribbon and stick it at the bottom of the balloon.
  • Older children can help you to color the elephant. I used pastel crayons.
  • The next step brings the most fun. Apply glue to the inside of the balloon and put the sequins. Children will definitely like it 🙂
  • Finally, write a text informing about the occasion for which the card was prepared. Put personalized wishes inside. The card is ready! 🙂

For more inspiration, look at pinterest: click and click. Initially, I wanted to make a tiny confetti using a punch, but I lost it somewhere. Fortunately, we had sequins 😉

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