Never ending card for a teacher

How to make a never ending card

The never ending card is totally magical and awsome. You can watch it and rewind it, rewind it and watch it and never get bored. Amazing every time. How it’s working? How is this even possible? In this tutorial you will find the answers to these questions.

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You will need

  • Card base – thicker base for creating cards. For this card I used 170g craft paper.
  • Ruller
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape or foam tape or cubes – the idea is that it should be 1 mm thick to make it easier to twist.
  • Block with motifs – I used the Pastel block from Happy Color
  • White card – ordinary, for the printer
  • Photos – optional. It is important to develop photos of the appropriate size, but more about this in the instructions below.
  • Paper glue and universal glue
  • Brushpens – if you will create your own wishes
Everything you need to make a never ending card

Never ending card – how to make it?

What is the order of work?

There are at least two ways to make a never ending card. I tested both, so I will add some advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

The first way is to assemble the card first and then decorate it. Here it is much easier to construct the base, but it is much more difficult to glue the decorations. The card is multi-dimensional, it runs away and the glue doesn’t hold.

How to make a never ending card

The second method is to prepare squares for the base without gluing the paper together. Then decorate it and finally connect the finished elements. It’s definitely easier to stick accessories here, but it’s much more difficult to do it in the right places and in the right direction. I made a mistake several times, even though I had already made one card and looked at what to stick where. And finally, some of the pictures are upside down.

Also, based on my experience so far, I will make the next card using the first method.

How to make the base of a never ending card?

The first step is to prepare two squares. I started with the A5 format, i.e. 21×14.8 cm. So my squares had the dimensions of the shorter side, i.e. 14.8 x 14.8 cm.

How to make a never ending card

Then you need to measure the tabs on both sides of the paper by 1/4 of its width. For a 14.8cm square it will be 3.7cm on each side. For other dimensions, divide the width by 4. In these places you need to fold the paper, so to make it easier you can run it with a knife or even scissors.

Finally, cut each square in half perpendicular to the previously measured overlaps.

How to make a never ending card

Now the decision is whether you glue the card first or start with decorating. I choose the first option.

To assemble the card you need:

Place two rectangles next to each other with a vertical gap. Leave a 1mm gap between the sheets.

Next, prepare two rectangles with a horizontal break.

How to make a never ending card

Stick double-sided tape in the corners of the lower rectangles.

How to make a never ending card

Now the most difficult moment: you have to glue the upper sheets of paper to the bottom sheets. This should be done precisely so that the pages are close to each other but do not overlap.

Finally, you need to bend the pages according to the opening pattern. First up-down, then right-left, then up-down again and right-left. If at some point the paper resists, you can slightly cut the side of the paper at this point. Ultimately, the page should be able to scroll smoothly.

How to make a never ending card

Decorating a never ending card

Decorating the card depends, of course, on the occasion and the person for whom we are creating it.

Our cards were for teachers at the end of the school year. To decorate the cards I used:

  • Mini cards from children – each child made a picture measuring 3.5×3.5cm, i.e. the format of the smallest square on a piece of paper.
  • Block with motifs – I used the same motif in several places on the card.
  • Children’s signatures – I collected signatures from children on a 7x7cm square.
  • Photos – I used 4 photos, two measuring 7x7cm and two more measuring 3.5x7cm. To develop such a photo, I created a special cyclist and developed it in the 10×15cm format.
  • I made the inscriptions with brush pens, but if you don’t like calligraphy, you can also print them. Instead of cutting them out, I tore them out, I think it adds charm to the card.

If you want to see how to make a card for your mother, I recommend checking the inspirations at Letteringuje.

This is what a never ending card looks like

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