Colorful summer braids for kids

How to make colorful summer braids for kids

Colorful braids are a must-have in the summer at the Baltic Sea. Every few meters on the promenades in popular holiday resorts there are stands offering braiding. Prices vary, and this year it is a fear to think what horror receipt awaits us 😉 You can anticipate the facts and prepare to braid your own braids. It is especially profitable when you plan to make a dozen or so braids.

🇵🇱 Wersja polska: Jak zrobić kolorowe warkoczyki na lato dla dzieci

I also prepared the video tutorial for you 🙂

What do you need

  • Colored synthetic hair – the best way is to buy online. There are some ombre hairs like the ones I used to braid in this post. Before that, I had a set of single-colored hair in several colors. The ombre ones seem cooler, but every braid will be the same. However, a pack of many one-color ones will be more universal and it will be possible to make more different combinations from it. At least a dozen or so braids are made from one package
  • Scissors
  • Lighter hairband – it depends on how you want to finish.
What do you need for colorful summer braids for kids

How to make colorful summer braids for kids?

  • Start by taking a lock of hair and attaching the colored hair that is folded in half. This way, you have 3 strands and you can start braiding.
  • After a few movements, it is worth pressing the braids against your head, as it comes off a bit at first.
How to make colorful summer braids for kids
Making braids
  • Add some colored strands to a lock of natural hair by separating the colored lock. This action will result in the fact that when the natural ends you will still have 3 strands to braid. I choose a tiny strand a few times so as not to disturb the braid pattern.
Making braids
  • Continue braiding. From time to time check the length of the braid so that it is exactly as the ‘client’ wants 😉
  • Finish by cutting off any excess hair. Burn the flame for a moment so that the hair melts slightly but does not catch fire. Then press down quickly with your fingers. Contrary to appearances, it does not hurt at all 😛
  • You can also finish traditionally with an elastic band.
How to end colorful summer braid
How to finish the braid
How to finish the braid

That’s it!

Colorful summer braids for kids
Colorful summer braids for kids

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