How to make sea glass art

How to make sea glass art

This is my third summer season with sea glass art. As in previous years, I couldn’t help but collect more sea glasses on the beach. This year’s picture of sea glass art is cacti in ceramic pots.

🇵🇱 Wersja polska: Jak zrobić obrazek z morskich szkiełek

In addtion I’ve prepared movie to show you how to make sea glass art 🙂


  • Sea glass, drift wood and shells found at the seaside
  • Frame
  • Glue
Supplies for beach craft

Beach craft with sea glass and driftwood

Sea glass is the basis, the more you collect, the easier it is to match them to your dream composition. You can create almost anything from small glasses, but you need a lot of them to get the desired shape. Large slides, on the other hand, are more difficult to fit, but you need less of them. This year I found quite unusual brick shards, so the choice fell on cacti in ceramic pots 🌵🌵🌵

First you need to prepare a frame. To do this, you need to disassemble it, remove the glass, insert the white cardboard or turn the one from the set onto the white side and reassemble the frame.

Frame for beach craft
Supplies for beach craft

First you look for the best composition using materials you collected. If you work with sticks, you can cut them a little to make them fit perfectly.

Seaglass anchor

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the picture, proceed to sticking. Then leave to dry.

Beach craft - sea glass anchor

Picture is ready

I hope you got interested in sea glass art. Check out our collection for inspirations 🙂

Seaglass anchor
How to make sea glass art
Sea glass mermaid
Seaglass Bye July
Seaglass sailboat
Beach craft with sea glass and drift wood
Pebble and sea glass whale
Pebble crab
Pebble and sea glass boats
Worms at work
Gulls on the breakwater

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