How to make Father's Day gift bag

How to make Father’s Day gift bag

We present a cool idea for wrapping a gift for dad. This is a shirt and tie gift bag made from a lunch bag and a piece of ribbon 👔🎁. You can put any small gift inside, from candy to a key ring to shirt pins. We chose ceramic magnets, which we made together with third-graders. Check this post to learn how to make Father’s Day gift bag 😁

You will need

  • Lunch bag
  • Ribbon 2.5cm
  • Scissors
  • Markers – optional, but will be useful for drawing the pocket
DIY Father's Day gift bag

How to make Father’s Day gift bag

Sometimes you don’t need much to create something cool and original. To make a gift bag for dad, all you need is a lunch bag and a piece of ribbon.

Making such a bag is quite simple, although if you haven’t tied ties before, you may need to practice for a while 😉

  • Cut the top of the bag so that the edges are even
  • Place a ribbon on the top of the bag and fold the bag twice
  • Under the fold, cut the bag on both sides to approximately 1/3 of the bag’s width
  • Fold the sides inwards to form a collar
How to make Father's Day gift bag

Now you can start training how to tie a tie 🎗 We used the four-in hand knot according to the instructions from Lancero.

  • Pass the ribbon on the right around the one on the left to form the front of the tie
  • Then put the end of the same ribbon under the shirt so that it comes out through the middle (where the neck usually is 😁)
  • Tuck the end of the ribbon under the top loop.
  • Tighten gently until you get a neat knot.
  • Finally, cut the ends of the ribbons into a triangle to resemble a real tie.
How to make Father's Day gift bag

Additionally, you can draw a pocket on the shirt – one filled with flowers looks cool.

Father’s Day gift bag

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