Pine cones with beads

How to make pine cones with beads and pom poms

This is our second approach to cones with pom poms. I came back to this idea during the Christmas workshops at my daughter’s school. Kids love pom poms, not to mention those with shiny fluff 🙂 All the cones at school turned out great, so we repeated the workshops with friends and neighbors 🙂 This time I added a version of the pine cones with beads, more for adults, because children got lost in pom poms 😉

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Szyszki z koralikami i pomponikami – pomysł na warsztaty świąteczne

At Christmas workshops, we also made pom pom baubles, full tutorial is here.

Materials needed for pine cones with beads and pom poms

  • Pine cones with open scales – if you collect cones with closed scales, the scales will open after a few days of drying at home
  • Glue
  • Beads
  • Pom poms ( max 1cm)
  • Snow spray – kids love snow too, and the cones get winter look.
  • Brush – optional, useful for applying glue.
Supplies for pine cones with beads

How to make pine cones with beads and tassels

The initial step is to sprinkle the cones with snow spray. The cones will get more wintertime look.

Apply some glue on the scales of the cone using the glue applicator or a brush. Then put a bead or a pom pom on the glue. Continue until the cone is full.

Finally, attach a string on the top scale of the cone and tie at the end to form a loop.

Pine cones with beads and pom poms

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