How to repair a torn sofa with a monster patch

How to patch a couch with a monster patch

There was a nasty hole in our couch when the fabric came apart at the seam. There was no way to catch the material nicely and effectively, and we didn’t want to invest in upholstery. That’s why I thought that a monster patch would be perfect here, as it would fill the hole and there would be no need to stretch the sofa cover. In this post I will show you how to patch a monster hole with a monster patch 🙂

🇵🇱 Łata potwór, czyli jak załatać potworną dziurę

You will need

  • White, red and black felt
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
How to repair a torn sofa with a monster patch

How to patch a couch with a monster patch

The base of the patch is red felt that fills the entire hole. You need a piece large enough to cover the entire patch area from the bottom. The rest of the items are add-ons that turn a patch into a monster. From white felt you need to cut circles for the eyes and a zigzag for the teeth. While from black felt only small extra circles for the eyes.

It is best to sew on the eyes at the beginning while there is still a hole and it is easier to maneuver.

Then you need to put the red felt and white teeth inside the hole and start sewing. I chose a seam on a fold, because since the patch is a monster anyway, monstrous sewing won’t hurt it :). All you have to do is sew around the entire hole and you’re done.

Monster patch

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