How to make Raya and the Last Dragon costume

How to make Raya and the Last Dragon costume

This year, my daughter delayed the costume decision until the last minute. When the day before the carnival ball we went shopping for Maribel’s outfit from Magic Encanto, it turned out that there is no size in any H&M store in Warsaw :/ And so our plans to take the easy way out and buy a ready-made costume failed. It was necessary to quickly save the situation and we rushed to look for clothes that we could easily transform into a disguise. In this post I will show how in one evening I transformed clothes from the sale into Raya and the last dragon costume 🐉.

🇵🇱 Polska wersja: Jak zrobić przebranie Raya z ubrań z wyprzedaży

How to make Raya and the Last Dragon costume

What to use for Raya costume

We bought all the clothes on sale at H&M.

👖 The element that makes the biggest sensation here are brown leather pants. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have made this costume. I’ve used them for many outfits.

👖 Children’s olive wide pants.

👚 Women’s yellow top.

👗 Women’s red dress.

🟡 The plate coaster comes from our home resources and we bought it in a two-pack at Pepco.

Sales clothes for Raya and the Last Dragon costume

How to make the costume

🦺 Vest, belt, armbands and leg protectors imitating shoes were made of leather pants. I cut the pants into 4 parts. I made a vest from above, and the remaining elements from the legs. There was a lot of cutting and some sewing.

👖 Olive pants are the only thing that didn’t require alterations. I have to admit that I don’t really like them, but they match the costume perfectly 😁.

👚 We managed to buy an almost perfect top, we only had to shorten the straps slightly.

👘 The cape was made of a red tube dress. We must have been looking for a dress for the longest time, because I wasn’t sure how to make a cape, and it was a pity to spend money on something that needs to be cut without a guarantee of success. In the end, making the cape turned out to be extremely easy. It is enough to unravel one seam along the length of the dress. Then I sewed a button on one side and made holes with scissors on the other side.

👒 I made Raya’s straw hat from a plate coaster. Just cut from the edge to the middle, then overlap the edges to form a cone and sew. In addition, I sewed an elastic band so that the hat does not fall off. My daughter has blonde hair, so I also used a yarn wig I made a few years ago for Moana costume.

Raya and the last dragon costume

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