Paper autumn tree with swings with photos

Paper autumn tree with swings with pictures

The paper autumn tree with swings with pictures of children is our biggest project so far. The tree is 2 meters high and 2.5 meters wide. Swings with pictures of children hang from the lower branches, and the crown of the tree is decorated with leaves in autumn colors.

Polish version: Jesienne drzewo z huśtawkami ze zdjęciami dzieci

Materials needed for autumn tree with swings

Cardboard tree

  • Extra large cardboard – can be folded
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Brown acrylic or poster paint
  • Brush
  • Leaf templates printed on colored paper
  • Glue

Leaf templates

You can download various leaf templates here:

Photo swings

  • Pictures of children developed in 15x21cm format
  • String
  • Paper glue and universal glue (e.g. Magic)
  • Hole punch
  • Piece of cardboard
Materials for a swing with a photo

How to make a big tree out of cardboard?

Our tree was supposed to hang from a cork board on the wall, so I didn’t have to worry about folds on the cardboard. I had a large cardboard left after the frame with dried flowers and I unfolded it flat. I sketched the shape of the branch and cut it out.

The tree is not in one piece as the trunk, roots and extensions of the lower branches are fitted.

Children decorated a large cardboard tree with colorful leaves, which they had cut out in really large amounts.

How to make photo swings?

The first step is to take pictures of kids on a swing. Then, frame the photos so as to make the most of the photo area, i.e. the head is at the top and the legs at the bottom of the photo, without unnecessary margins. The last step is to develop the photos. Ours are in the 15 x 21 cm format on matte paper.

The next stage that is the assembly of the swings, was done by all the children in the class.

  • Cut the figure out of the photo
  • Stick it on a piece of cardboard where there was a swing
  • Make holes on the sides of the swing
  • Tie strings on both sides
  • Glue hands to the srings

Swings prepared in this way are ready to be mounted on the tree.

Paper autumn tree with swings with pictures

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