Halloween pom pom wreath

How to make a Halloween pom pom wreath

The Halloween pom pom wreath is a spin-off of name ring. In this version, the pom poms are black, white, orange and jumbled, and the fringes have eyes and are ghosts.

You will need

  • Wooden hoop – ours is 20 cm in diameter
  • Wire – when it comes to thickness, you need to center it, thick wire is hard to bend, thin wire does not hold the shape. I used floristic wire, relatively thin and it was difficult to stabilize the inscription with the name.
  • Yarn
  • Pom pom maker or cardboard circles – depending on which method you choose for making pom poms.
  • Hot glue – to stick the pom poms to the wooden hoop.

How to make an inscription BOO from a wire?

This time it is much easier and you just need to bent the wire to make BOO letters.

How to make a tassel from yarn?

To make a tassel from yarn:

  • Wrap the yarn on the cardboard.
  • Tie the yarns on one side.
  • Remove from the carton.
  • Cut open at the other end.
  • Tie about 1 cm below knotted end.

How to make yarn pom poms?

There are several methods of making yarn pompoms, invariably my favorite is making the pom poms on the pom pom maker. A comparison of methods and detailed instructions on how to make pom poms can be found in the post:

How to make a Halloween pom pom wreath?

The last and most pleasant step is to put all the elements together and stick them to the wooden rim. I used hot glue to stick the name from wire and pom poms, and I tied the tassels at the bottom of the rim.

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