Wysiew nasion w rolkach po papierze

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

During the lockdown, the consumption of toilet paper in our home increased dramatically. That would explain why toilet paper has become a symbol of epidemics and a hero of memes 🙂 Following the spirit of the zero waste movement, I decided to use excess rolls to make a seeder. Every year I promise myself that I will no longer buy seeds and play with sowing and quilting, but I have never managed to keep that promise. The same way this year I finished with a few bags of seeds, which is why I invite you to my sowing seeds in paper rolls tutorial.

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

Supplies for sowing seeds in paper rolls

  • Paper rolls
  • Duct tape
  • Skewer stick to make holes in the tape
  • Scissors
  • Soil
  • Seeds
Paper rolls to be converted into a seeder

Making of paper rolls pots

It is very simple, because it is enough to make the bottom of the pot. On one side of the roll I stuck a piece of duct tape and punched it with skewer stick. I prepared all the paper rolls pots in the same way.

Tape bottom of paper roll pots
Paper roll pots

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

Sowing seeds in paper rolls is no different than sowing in a traditional pot. First, fill with soil, put in seeds, cover with a layer of soil and water. I chose zucchini and sunflower seeds. My daughter, who is fascinated by Rapunzel, says that this will be our golden flower 🙂

Preparation for sowing
Sowing seeds in paper rolls
Sowing seeds in paper rolls

Be careful not to spill the plants and that the pots do not stand in the water. At the same time, the soil should be moist to ensure optimal growth conditions.

Day 7

After a week I noticed the first sprouts. For the first days the pots stood on the balcony and probably cold nights delayed germination. Sunflowers appeared first.

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

Day 10

Zucchini appears 🙂 Now every day you can see a big difference, although the seedlings still have only the first pair of leaves.

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

Day 15

Zucchinis grow fast, while sunflowers start shyly.

Sowing seeds in paper rolls

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