Spinning perler bead hoops

Spinning perler bead hoops

Recently, our house is dominated by perler beads, every day we iron new creations. We mainly produce princesses and animals, but sometimes we happen to have other projects. At the beginning spinning perler bead hoops seem simple and boring, but when they start spinning in the wind they look almost magical.

Spinning perler bead hoops


  • Perler beads in different colors. Transparent beads that let the sun through are perfect. Mine additionally have glitter, but it is hardly visible. You’ll also need a few clear beads to connect the rims.
  • Round board
  • Iron
  • A piece of baking paper
  • Jewelry line
  • Needle
Spinning perler bead hoops

Making of spinning perler bead hoops

Start by designing the number and size of circles. I decided on 5 rings in the colors of the rainbow, each arranged every 3 beads on a round board.

Choose the colors of your rims and arrange them on a round board. Leave one space free, because there will be a bead in it, arranged in the other way, so that the thread can get through.

Making of perler beads hoops

Once you complete all the circles, iron through the baking paper. Set the iron to maximum temperature and do a few pulls to connect the beads.

Ironing of perler beads

Then remove the hoops from the board, in the missing place insert the bead set the other way and iron the connection. Also iron the beads on the other side, because the hoops should be firmly connected to withstand wind.

One bead ironed in opposite direction
Perler bead rims

The last step is to assemble to wind spinner. Start threading from the smallest circle, then a pair of transparent beads and another hoop.

Assembling set of perler bead circles

The spinning perler bead hoops are ready. Set them in motion by blowing or display outside so that the wind turns them on.

Spinning perler bead hoops
Spinning perler bead hoops
Spinning perler bead hoops

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