Gotowe przebranie tygrysa

Tiger tutu costume

The tiger costume is made on the basis of the tutu skirt, which is my favorite form of costume for my girls. The tutu skirt is easy to make and looks very effective. Some parts of the costume I made on my own and the others are ready-made elements bought online.


  • Tulle in rolls 6″ wide x 25 yards long. The number of rolls depends on the size of the skirt, for small children (2-3 years) 4 rolls are enough, for older ones (4-5 years) 5 rolls. I buy in Polish e-shop Allegro, but I’ve seen them here as well.
  • About 20’’ elastic band, 0,5’’ wide
  • Tiger striped ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Orange t-shirt
  • Black paint for fabrics
  • Set of tiger ears and tail
  • Gaiters/socks with a tiger stripes pattern
Tiger costume - supplies

Costume elements to do yourself

  • Orange and black tutu skirt. You can find the detailed tutorial for the skirt here. I enriched the tulle with orange ribbons and ribbons with tiger stripes.
  • T-shirt with tiger stripes. To make one you need an orange t-shirt and black fabric paint. Cut out the template and paint stripes on the T-shirt. I printed a tiger stripes pattern, cut out a few stripes and painted it with black fabric paint. Additionally, after the paint is dry, fix the picture by ironing it (according to the instructions on the paint).
Tiger t-shirt with hand painted stripes

Ready items to buy

  • Ears and tail
  • Gaiters/socks with a tiger stripes pattern
Parts of tiger costume

That’s how the tiger tutu costume looks on a 3 year old model 🙂

Tiger tutu costume

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