Easter garland

Easter garland

This Easter garland is a side effect of work on Easter cards. My daughter became so involved in cutting out color bunnies that I had to manage them somehow and that’s how I came up with an idea for a bunny garland.


  • Color paper or tape
  • Sheet of cardboard paper for making a rabbit template
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape
Supplies for Easter garland

Making of Easter garland

The first steps are analogous to making Easter cards with a colorful bunny, that is:

  • template preparation
  • outline the bunny on colored paper
  • cutting the bunnies out
  • sticking pompom tails

You can download the template below, this time I used a single bunny from a pair in the upper right corner.

The last step is to attach bunnies to the string. For this purpose, just use the adhesive tape, the rabbits are light, so the tape will be enough. Mine are at a distance of about 2,5” from each other.

Easter garland is ready. Now find a representative place for it and enjoy the atmosphere of Easter.

Easter garland

Inspiration found on Pinterest.

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