Cones with mini pom poms

Cones with mini pom poms

It’s time to start the Christmas season! This year, the first work was initiated by Christmas contest at the kindergarten titled “National Christmas tree decoration”. The cones with mini pom poms are easy to make and are suitable for preschoolers. They also help to develop fine motor skills.

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Supplies for cones with mini pom poms

  • Cones with split scales
  • Pom pons (size depends on the size of cone. If you use pine cone then 7mm pom poms are fine)
  • Universal glue (the one that becomes transparent after drying will be the best, so you don’t have to worry that you used too much or applied it inaccurately)
  • String for making pendants
  • Tweezer (optional, but great for developing fine motor skills)
Supplies for cones with mini pom poms

Making of cones with mini pom poms

Squeeze some glue onto the cardboard or the screw cap.

Show your kid how to proceed.

Take a pom pom, soak one side in the glue and put on the pine cone’s scale. You can take pom poms with tweezers because they are tiny and sometimes remain in glue. Manipulating with tweezers is a great activity for your kid. Glue pom poms on all scales of cones.

Gluing the pom poms
Sticking the mini pom poms

If the pine cones with pompoms are to hang on the Christmas tree, it is still necessary to make a pendant from a string and tie it around the scale on the top.

Cones with mini pom poms

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