Paper tulips bouquet for the Teacher

I have never enjoyed the Teacher’s Day like this year, thanks to the ‘Tulips Bouquet’ project. Tulips may not be autumn flowers, but are well suited to a paper craft, which I decided to propose as this year’s gift for our kindergarten group teachers instead of traditional flowers.

It is a special bouquet in which all kids contributed together with their parents. Our Teachers were delighted, and the children were very excited that they had their share.

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Supplies for one tulips bouquet

  • Colored printer sheets – the number of flowers (children) divided by 2. With 25 children, they were 2 colored drawing blocks. If there are no losses, one is enough.
  • Printer – optional. The best way is to print the templates, but you can also make a cardboard template and draw tulips for everyone – this is a version for the persistent ones.
  • 1 A4 green sheet A4 (stems)
  • 1 A3 cardbaord sheet (background)
  • Marker – optional. You can also print the wishes.
Supplies for tulip bouqet

Making of tulips bouquet

Printing tulip pattern

I prepared a template that allows you to print 4 pieces on one sheet of paper. There are 2 ladies in our group, so for each child there come 2 tulips. The colors of the tulips are: light and dark pink, yellow, orange, red, purple.

Tulip template

Distributing sheets to kids

At home every kid cuts out, colors and signs each tulip, with some parent’s help if needed. Then they all bring it back. It is in theory, in practice, a dozen or so e-mails of explanations, reminders, etc. Our effectiveness was high, I received 24 from 25 tulips.

Completing the tulips bouquet

Now, the most pleasant step, i.e completing the bouquet:

  • First finding the best order and distribution of tulips.
  • Then sticking the level by level, first the stem and then the head.
  • At the end of the cotillion that crowns the work.

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    1. You can download and print the image. Do you need different format?

    1. We don’t have template for stems. Just cut thin and long strip of green paper 😊

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