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Mango and cream Moana cake

Since my daughters are now in the Moana phase, almost every day I sing: Moana, Moana, We love you. Who watched the movie knows what I mean and now you it’s echoing in your head as well🙂 When I decided to make a birthday cake for my daughter, the leitmotiv turned out to be banal to choose – Moana cake!

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In the online store I found a wafer with Moana print. All that’s left is to type “The easiest cake” in the Google search engine and go. Strawberry cream cake. It says that it ALWAYS comes out. That’s what I was looking for.

When buying ingredients, the first problem appeared, because it turned out that in mid-October strawberries are gone. On the other hand, mango was affordable. Of course, exotic mangoes are more suitable for Vaiana than native berries, so I didn’t think too much and 4 mangoes landed in my basket.

I did most of the work as in the recipe. My changes concerned fruit (mango) and soaking biscuits (orange juice).

Mango layer preparation

First peel all mangoes. I always use the “hedgehog” method, in the case of mango it seems to be the easiest.

Peeling and cutting the mango
  • Cut off the top and bottom layers just above the stone
  • Cut each part vertically and horizontally being careful not to cut the skin
  • Twist to the other side to create a “hedgehog”
  • Cut the pieces of flesh off the skin
  • Peel the middle part and remove the flesh from the stone
  • Then mix 3 mangoes into a smooth paste and cut 1 mango into small pieces.

Assembling the cake

Cut the sponge cake into 3 tops. I cut it at 2 because I was afraid that 3 would fail, which made the tops quite thick.

Apply the cream mass. It’s good fun for children, they are happy to help, because the mass is delicious.

Applying a layer of cream
Applying mango chunks
Applying mango mousse
Cream-mango Moana cake
Moana cake

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