Skye costume for carnival ball in kindergarten

A carnival ball in kindergarten is a great event for small kids. Often, long before the ball, they ask their parents when it will take place. Kids love costumes. In our kindergarten, each group is assigned a color depending on the age of the children. Last year’s carnival creations had to refer to these colors. This year, we have been given complete freedom in choosing an outfit. Children can dress up as whatever they want. Due to the fact that Victoria is a faithful fan of Paw Patrol, she decided to perform as Skye during the ball 🙂

We had the most fun preparing the outfit ourselves. Victoria participated actively and very willingly, which made me very happy. Some of the elements are her work only 🙂

What will be needed?

  • Felt in colors: intense pink, cream or white. Brown optionally, if you decided to make Skye ears using felt
  • Smooth hairband
  • Brown fabric (for Skye ears)
  • Cardboard
  • Pink ribbon
  • Aluminum foil (grey acrylic paint)
  • Paints (preferably acrylic or other well-covering)
  • Printed shield with Skye badge (2 copies) for coloring
  • A strip of white fabric for Skye collar
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Tutu tutorial

Aviator goggles

To make aviator goggles you have to:

  • Prepare two goggles templates on piece of paper.
    • Larger template with dimension: outer circle diameter 6,5 cm, and inner circle diameter 4 cm,
    • Smaller template with dimension: outer circle diameter 6 cm, and inner circle diameter 3,5 cm.
    • In both templates, the part that connects the circles is a strip 1×1 cm.
  • Draw a larger template on pink felt twice.
  • Draw a smaller template on cardboard.
  • Place the cardboard template between the felt templates and connect with hot glue.
  • Cut out cream or white felt circles with a diameter of 7.5 cm and glue the bottom of the goggles with hot glue.
  • From pink felt you need to cut two strips measuring 25×3 cm.
  • Cut a strip from the pink felt to stick the hairband with hot glue.
  • Cut out Skye’s ears from brown fabric (or brown felt). I first drew a pattern on A4 sheet of paper, and then cut it out and traced it on the fabric. Then I sewed two pieces of every ear together with a sewing machine, but you can use felt and hot glue. Together with Victoria I filled the ears with a fiberfill, but in the case of felt, you don’t have to do it.
  • Put all the pieces together using hot glue.

Skye collar with a badge

Undoubtedly, one of the key elements of the costume is the collar. The collar is made of a strip of white fabric. It can be stitched in half or glued with hot glue. I printed the Skye badge from a photo on the internet. To search it I used the phrase “Skye badge printable”. To make the colors intense, pink and white felt can be used to create it. However, I gave it to Victoria, who wanted to paint the badge with her own pink crayon. Finally, after cutting the badge, I glued it with cardboard.

Skye wings

To make Skye wings you need to:

  • Cut out two rectangles measuring 30×17 cm from the cardboard
  • Trim the rectangles so that one side is tapered.
  • The resulting cardboard pieces can be:
    • wrap with aluminum foil or
    • paint with acrylic paints in gray
  • The Skye backpack is a rectangle cut out of cardboard measuring 35×18 cm. I folded it in such a way that it merged two wings. A pink ribbon should be attached to the inner side as backpack straps. To strengthen the place where the wings are joined and the strips, it is worth gluing a square cut out of cardboard with dimensions of 19×19 cm. The whole thing is glued with hot glue.
  • On the sides (at the ends of the wings) I glued the folded in half and cut pieces of cardboard measuring 17×5 cm.
  • The backpack and the wingtips should be painted with pink acrylic paint.
  • We put the Skye badge on the backpack, which was painted by Victoria as previously.

Final effect

Since every little lady has pink T-shirts and / or skirts or dresses in her wardrobe, completing the outfit should be quite simple. If it is otherwise, then a simple and effective tutu skirt without sewing can be created. A tutorial on how to do it can be found, for example, in this post:

Victoria put on her favorite pink dress:

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