Chocolate – raspberry birthday cake with green moss

A year ago, I didn’t even think that we would celebrate Casper’s first birthday in such circumstances. But what to do 🤷‍♀️ we have to adapt. And I had to bake a cake 🎂. Those of you who have toddler at home know perfectly well that it is impossible to get out of this activity. The cake is the must, and especially a candle that can be blown out 😉.

I will show you how quickly and with the lowest effort embrace the subject and bake really tasty and beautiful cake. I based on recipes from several pages, that I will link on below.

What do you need to bake this minimalistic cake?

  • Depending on the size of baking mold, the list of needed products for the sponge cake is here: 21 cm, 26 cm (for polish speaking readers, but you can click for google translation). I baked based on the second recipe, but remember to add cocoa to your shopping list in this case.
  • I made a cream and a green cake from this recipe, so check out the list of products (and again, click for google translation if you need it in English).
  • Raspberry mousse was made from about 400 g of frozen raspberries.
  • For decorations, I used grated dark chocolate.

Step-by-step instruction to bake a birthday cake

Chocolate sponge cake

First of all, I separated whites from yolks.

Next I whipped the whites into a rigid froth. Then I was still mixing, gradually adding sugar.

In the next step I added yolks to the whipped mass. I beat it for a few minutes.

I added cocoa and mix it. Then I put it into the oven for 30 minutes at 180 deg C (top and bottom heater).

Baked sponge cake cut into three layers.

Green cake

I had frozen spinach leaves so in the first step I thawed and blended it. Then I squeezed excess water on the strainer.

In the next step I mixed the spinach with oil, milk and sugar.

Then, I mixed the egg with the green mass, and then added a mixture of flour, soda and baking powder.

I poured the dough into a small bread pan and baked at 160 deg. C for 15 minutes.


I poured cold whipping cream into a bowl, added a flat spoon of cocoa (less than in the original recipe, because I wanted to get a lighter cream) and mixed. Then I added mascarpone and mixed again. After that I added icing sugar, vanilla sugar and stir it.

Raspberry mousse

I thawed raspberries and crushed them with fork.

Putting it all together

Sponge cake can be feeded with coffee and liqueur as in the original recipe. I used a tea. Alternatively, water with lemon is also a good idea. Then I smeared the first part of the cake with raspberry mousse and cream. Then I put the second part on top and repeated the steps. Raspberry mousse should be enough for two parts, and cream for three of them together with the edges of the cake.

On the last part of the cake, I spread the cream only, including the edges of the cake. I covered it with crushed green cake.


At the end I decorated the edges of the cake with grated dark chocolate.


I planned to make forest animals from cardboard. Unfortunately, Victoria couldn’t wait to blow the candle so… We had to start earlier! A few hours later, the cake disappeared and only crumbs were left 😉


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