Fabric face mask

How to make fabric face mask without sewing machine?

Buying a face mask is almost a miracle, and looking at how quickly there are more bans and orders being introduced you may soon find that we won’t go to the store without a face mask. In this post I will show you how to make a fabric face mask without a sewing machine.

Very important! Cotton fabric face mask does not guarantee protection against coronavirus. It only stops saliva droplets and prevents you from touching your face. The guarantee is given by professional face masks with filters.

It took me half an hour to sew the first cotton fabric face mask by hand. I hope that the next ones will go faster because I plan to sew for the whole family.


  • Cotton fabric
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Measure
Supplies for fabric face mask

How to make fabric face mask without sewing machine

Start by preparing a rectangular piece of cotton fabric of 21 centimeters long and 32 centimeters wide.

Then turn inside out, fold in half along the long side and sew the ends.

Sewing the edges

Transfer to the right side and additionally place the joint more or less in the center and make sure it is on the inside of the mask. Fold the flaking edges of the fabric inwards and baste.

Sewing the edges
Basting the edges of the mask

Now the most difficult part, i.e. making pleats. My mask has 2 pleats. First, I did a few dry tries, looking for the best arrangement.

Preparation of pleats from fabric
Preparation of pleats from fabric

The first pleat begins about 2,5 centimeters from the top, and the part underneath is about 1.5 cm. Sew first side and then the seconded side.

Basting the edges of the face mask

Similarly, proceed with the second pleat, this time stitching each side to the end.

Fabric face mask

Remove the basting stitch and other protruding thread. Before sewing the elastic, put on a face mask, because it is important that it adheres well. With the mask on your face, pick up the length of the elastic bands and then sew on.

Ready fabric face mask

The mask is ready. Remember that it does not fully protect against infection. After each use, wash the mask at 60 degrees and iron at the maximum temperature.

Fabric face mask
Fabric face mask

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