Zakodowane ptaki wracające wiosną do Polski

Coded images of birds migrating in spring

It is said that one swallow does not make spring, so what other birds come to Europe in the spring? I invite you to the next portion of coded images. There were already spring flowers, and the next harbinger of spring are birds returning to Europe after winter visit in the Africa. Coded images of birds are an ideal opportunity to tell kids about bird migration and show which ones arrive in Europe in the spring.

I prepared images of a white stork, a crane and a swallow in 2 versions of difficulty. Coloring by numbers is easier, while drawing by coordinates is the more difficult version.

Birds migrating to Poland in spring

One of the first birds to arrive in Poland are cranes, which appear at the turn of February and March. Earlier, only larks and lapwings would appear, while white storks report after cranes. Then in mid-April swallows arrive. One of the last birds are swifts, which come at the turn of April and May.

1. Coded images of birds – coloring by numbers

The rules for decoding the image are simple. Each number in the picture has a color assigned in the legend. The squares must be filled with the color corresponding to the given number.

Coded crane

2. Coded images of birds – drawing by coordinates

The rules for decoding the image are simple, however making the whole picture requires attention and focus. The legend at the bottom of the page shows where to use each color on the grid.

Coded swallow

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