Bird feeder cookies

Winter is coming, and with it the frost making it harder for the birds to find food. We can help them by hanging food specially prepared for them like our bird feeder cookies 🙂

The bird feeder cookies look great and you can make them together with your kids. This year, instead of traditional Polish lard, I used gelatin as a binder.

bird feeder cookies


  • Gelatine
  • Seed for birds
  • Straws
  • String or ribbon

Making of bird feeder cookies

First, dissolve the gelatin in warm water according to the recipe on the packaging.

Gelatin and seeds

Then leave the gelatin to cool down. I did not take this step and therefore my mass was not sticky.

In the next step, gradually pour the gelatin into the grains, so that the grains start to stick together, but not to float in the gelatin.

Gelatin and seeds

Now it’s time to involve the kids 🙂 Put the mass into cookie cutters, beat them well and adjust to the height of the cookie cutter.

Making of bird feeder cookies
Making of bird feeder cookies

When the gelatin has set, gently remove the cookies from the molds and attach the hangers. You can use string, but a ribbon is better, as the string cuts easily through the sides of the feeders. Alternatively, you can cut the straws and pull the string through the straw. My children were too impatient to wait before removing the straws and we were unable to test such a solution.

Making of bird feeder cookies

The bird feeder cookies are ready, now all that remains is to hang them on the tree and wait for the “customers”. We had a tit on the next day 🙂

bird feeder cookies

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