Szukanie kryształowego skarbu - akrylowe kryształy

Crystal treasure hunt for children

Today I would like to show you how to easily make a great game for kids – crystal treasure hunt. Children love treasure hunt and to solve puzzles. It’s even more interesting when they have a map and can look for treasure like little explorers. The game has been tested many times on kids, it always works 🙂


  • Acrylic crystals are the heart of this game. They are so colorful and look beautiful, kids love them. I bought 500g of acrylic crystals on the net. They are about 1-1.5 cm in size.
  • Sheet of paper
  • Markers
Crystal treasure hunt

Crystal Treasure Hunt – Preparation

You need to hide acrylic crystals and draw treasure map. It seems very simple, but if he is not an outstanding draftsman, start by drawing a map. Take a look around the area and one by one choose the places that are a nice hideout that you can draw. After you draw all of them, go to hiding the crystals.

My map consisted of several places where I had hidden the crystals. Kids’ task was to find the crystals hidden in all places on the map.

Crystal treasure hunt

Several preschoolers took part in the game, so each hideout contained as many crystals as many kids took part in the game, to avoid unnecessary quarrels and crying.

You should not worry about the lack of artistic skills, kids have a great ability to guess places and an even greater need to find a treasure. At worst, they can always be helped in their search.

You can have a look at the places I’ve chosen to hide crystals.

It’s time to start searching for the crystal treasure!

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