Dragon egg

Dragon egg

The dragon egg is the perfect DIY for dragon and Game of Thrones fans. Once you know how it is easy to do, however it still takes some time to complete.

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  • Styrofoam egg – before Easter it is easy to get them in stationery stores and there is a large selection of sizes. It’s a bit harder after Easter, but in craft e-stores they are available all year long. I advise you not to go crazy with the size. Of course, the bigger the more effective, but also the more thumbtacks you need and it’s takes longer to make. My egg is 4.7” tall.
  • Thumbtacks – you need a lot of them. I used 400 for egg of height of
    4.7” . It is best to buy the cheapest metal ones. My paper shop ran out of metal ones and I additionally bought “prettier” ones with a plastic overlay, but they are more difficult to stick and stand out a bit.
  • Nail polishes – colors depend on what kind of egg you want to craft. It can be a single-colored egg, then one nail polish will suffice. I wanted multi-color egg, so I decided on 3 colors: burgundy, purple and glitter.
  • A piece of flat styrofoam – optional, but it makes laying and painting thumbtacks much easier.
Supplies for dragon egg

Painting thumbtacks

Prepare all the thumbtacks for painting. The easiest way to do this is to stick them into a piece of styrofoam. Make sure that they are not too close to each other and that they have not been stick in completely, as you have to paint the edges as well.

Thumbtacks preparation

Paint the thumbtacks. At least 2 coats of nail polish are needed, and sometimes even 3. Hint about mixing colors. You can get very nice effect by painting with one color and immediately applying the second coat of different color. What’s even more interesting, a different shade comes out, when you change the order of colors. It’s worth experimenting if you want to have a colorful egg. In addition, I added a layer of brocade nail polish to some of those already painted.

Let the thumbtacks dry. I hurried up and took them after about an hour and there was a fingerprint on those with a thick layer of nail polish. In retrospect, it seems to me best to leave them overnight.

Painted thumbtacks

Making the dragon egg

Stick the pins starting from the bottom of the egg and in circles or spirally add successive layers to create scales. Do not stick them too thick, because then you will consume a lot thumbtacks. Do not stick too rarely, because there will be white spots. Strike the balance and continue to the top of the egg.

The dragon egg is ready. Put it in a representative place, sit comfortable in a chair and watch Game of Thrones.

Dragon egg

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