Floppy disc cup coaster

Floppy disk coaster

For some of associate floppy disks with childhood and youth when we played the first computer games. Others don’t even know what it is and where was it put, in this situation I recommend Wikipedia. While playing with kids, I decided to do something for myself and additionally bring back childhood memories. That’s how the floppy disk coaster was created, or rather the whole set of coasters with the motifs of several games.

What games will be on your coasters?

Floppy disc cup coaster

Supplies for floppy disk coaster

All you need are hama beads and a square board. The base colors are white, black, gray and transparent, and additional ones depending on what you plan to create. I used yellow for Pac-man, red, green and blue for Tetris and additional purple and brown for Prince of Persia.

Supplies for floppy disc out of hama beads


The floppy disk template is quite simple and has dimensions of 14 × 14. If you need a larger coaster, you can enlarge it with an additional column of black beads on the sides. Remember the missing bead in the corner, which imitates the characteristic cut of a floppy disk. In addition, in the lower corners the original floppy disks had holes, in these places I put transparent beads marked on the scheme with a bright blue square. The bottom colored bar imitates the header of the sticker.

Floppy disc template for hama beads

Making of floppy disk coaster

Once you have the beads, board and template, all it is left is to arrange the beads. Remember to arrange the beads in a mirror image, because after ironing you will flip the pattern to the other side.

Making of floppy disc out of hama beads
Tetris floppy disc
Pac-man floppy disc

The next step is to iron the pattern. To do this, set the iron on maximum power, cover the beads with a piece of baking paper and iron. Go several times and check if the beads have joined. Repeat ironing if needed. Do not overdo it, because you might destroy the board. As you can see in the pictures it happened to my board 🙂

Pac-man floppy disc

After the pattern has cooled off, remove from the board and it’s ready!

Pac-man floppy disc

The set of pads can be a gift idea for a computer game fan.

Floppy disc cup coaster

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